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Automotive Design | Product Design | UX | Design Strategy


My story

I was born in Hungary in the countryside, but I grew up in the city centre of Budapest. I loved painting and drawing when I was a kid, and ever since then, I have always expressed my feelings artistically. After high school, I chose the best technical university in the country, where I acquired a bachelor's degree in product design engineering.

I always occupied myself with several things at once. During my studies, I worked for a Hungarian design company; first as an Intern, Designer and then as a Lead Designer. I loved my job and the team, we had great projects and achievements, but I also felt that I wanted more..

I consider transportation design the pinnacle of product design. My interest in cars started when I was admitted to the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, which opened new gates for me. Since then, I have been trying to maximize my work as a transportation design master student.

Most recenty I made two internships at the Interior Department of Audi AG. My holistic Audi master thesis deals with the car interior in the age of digitalisation.

Based on my analytical and strategic thinking my passion is to understand deeply the questions behind the concepts. I believe that in addition to drawing skills and talent, it is just as important to design and create a good concept in order to create a conscious product and a unique user experience for the user.

To sum up my story, I think that art and engineering are the ingredients of a good designer. My engineering and artistic background empowers me to develop products that are thorough to the smallest detail and have the best aesthetic quality.

I'm very grateful that I have many experiences, broad horizons, and that I have met wonderful people, mentors and teachers in my life. I'm learning what I love, and I'm doing it with passion.​ 


We will see what comes next. I have many possible scenarios in my mind!

Achivements - that I'm proud of:


Hungarian Design Award 2019
Design conceptProject: Hoito


BRAUN Prize 2018 |  Top 15 Young Talent
Design for what matters |  Project: Lalepé


1st place |  MVM-Group Design Competition
Electric car charger design challange


1st place and Special Prize  |  Scientific Student Conference
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Mechanical Engineering Section
Topic: Modeling and programming NC-machines in CAD / CAM systems


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